Remember a few years ago, when the “Dirrty” video by Christina Aguilera came out? Remember being shocked at the amount of nudity and how raunchy the video was? I remember, and I also remember thinking “It CANNOT get worse than this.” Boy was I wrong.

Ever since then there have been countless of times where I’ve been shocked over and over again.The last few times included ANY video by Lady Gaga, the last couple of songs by Rihanna (with lyrics including “I like the way you pull my hair” and “Tonight I’m a let you be a rider”), and many many more.

What are these songs teaching any kid who turns on the T.V or listens to the radio? These videos are being placed on countless channels during the day! Now, when I go back and watch the Dirrty video, I think “Wow this is so tame”. Times have sure changed.