And heeeeeeeeere are your results!

Hononarary Mentions:

I really have to thank the following people for participating. They really did have great ideas but I was just too lazy tired to draw more cartoons! Thank you so much guys, and you still get to have genius titles.

-IRoody for “The Ego” (and yes you can add this genius title to your C.V :D )
-Fadi Bitar for “The Tagger” and “I LIKE myself”. I really did like the Tagger idea :D .
-Nabeel for “The Womanizer/Collector” and ALSO for giving me the idea to do a Facebook competition.
-Rasha for the MILLION ideas! Although you got a mention above in the cartoons, you get another mention here because you had a surplus of ideas!
-Mohammad Fawaz for “The Ego” and “The Intellectual”. Sorry for not being able to draw any of them!
-Zahi Ak for the “The Fake Status Updater”. That really is funny man but as I said, I didn’t have time to draw it..
-Gaby for the Stalker. That one really came close to being a cartoon :)
Gosh, I hope I didn’t leave anyone out. Thanks again everybody and hope you enjoyed today’s post! Have a wonderful Monday