I wonder what body part will be in-style 100 years from  now? “Oh look at those ankles! I wish mine were as bloated as hers…”.

On another note, I don’t know if you noticed but the drawing looks sorta weird today. That’s because my laptop charger finally died a few days ago, and I had to use my brother’s laptop (which, by the way, doesn’t have the software I usually use).

You see, the problem with my charger was the plug. My way of fixing it during the weekend was to prop the laptop up against a wall so the plug wouldn’t keep moving. I must admit, that DEFINITELY did not work. I ended up electrocuting myself a couple of times while I kept moving the plug around (and I wondered why my left-eye kept twitching that day) .

Anyway it took its last breath on Sunday 4:50 pm, may it rest in peace. Today I should be getting a new one though! Happy Friday everyone!