Ok so for those of you living outside of Lebanon, let me explain. Ever since the … 80s I believe (when there was a lot of war, no need to get into details), we’ve been having power cuts in Lebanon. Pathetic isn’t it? For those living in the capital Beirut, they only experience power cuts of 3 hours a day. And for those living outside of Beirut, we experience power cuts every 4 hours. Oh and what’s worse is that this number increases during the tourist season especially when more electricity needs to be pumped into Beirut.

It’s so sad that we’re now entering 2012, more than 30 years after the civil war, and we still don’t have stable electricity. Dear politicians, GET YOUR FREAKIN ACT TOGETHER AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

P.S. I really do love this country, and I’m not leaving any time soon. I just hope they fix the electric problems!

P.P.S I take back what I just said. We had a power cut at 10:00 am, just as I was posting this.