This past Saturday I gave a talk at the TEDxBeirut event about cartoons (duh)! WHAT A BLAST that was!

The entire event was such an amazing experience. I want to take this chance to thank Patricia, the curator, for putting together this wonderful event and for giving us a chance to express our ideas. I also wanted to take this chance to thank the coaches (don’t worry I won’t add your family names for privacy concerns) Roland, Sarah, Rim, and John! You guys were spectacular at giving us advice on how to talk, how to move on stage, and finally how to express our ideas properly.

To the speakers. Each one of you did such an AMAZING job. I won’t forget the fun we had during rehearsals and how we tried to calm each other’s nerves (which failed miserably might I add). Also, who’s idea was it to eat 3 bananas before the talk to “calm” our nerves? Did anyone try that?

To those who didn’t or couldn’t make it, I urge you to go next year. It’s amazing to see an event that had nothing to do with politics (especially in Lebanon) and was purely based on expressing innovative ideas.

FINALLY, YES another HEAD EXPLODING COMIC! I haven’t done this in a year! I really missed doing those!