Last week my phone died. Just like that out of the blue. It wouldn’t turn on! And I was devastated for two reasons:

One, because it’s my phone and I LOVE IT GOD DAMMIT!

Two, I felt like crap for being attached to it so much in the first place!

What’s more, my friends pretty much told me the advice written above. To just use my older phone. I remember the moment I picked up the old phone, it felt like I was going back to an ex who was accusing me of crawling back to him. It was a terrible feeling!!!

Furthermore, yesterday my drawing tablet died on me as well. It seems all electronics hate me! I don’t know what Silicone God I must have pissed off the last few weeks, maybe I insulted one of it’s spawns that existed in someone’s boobs (get it? get it?)

Well, wish me luck and have a great week!

P.S. I still blame my friend for spilling his yogurt drink all over my phone.  You know who you are!!!