Bait links. I hate them. I hate them so.very.much. I swear this morning I already saw 5 of them in my Facebook newsfeed.

“See this cat? You won’t believe what happens next”.  What? It cleans its butt?
“See these 4 women on stage? You won’t believe what happens next”. What? They PERFORM on stage?
“You’ll cry when you see this baby gorilla feeding this cat”. I guarantee you I won’t.
“You’ll die from laughter and shock after you watch what happens next”. Good God, I hope not!

Anyways, you guys won’t BELIEVE how long it took me to draw the first panel! It took me a while to figure out how Kareem would look like in his teenage years! First I drew him with frosted hair tips and had him place EMINEM posters everywhere. Then I tried drawing him sporting HUGE glasses with Star Wars paraphernalia in the background. I thought this look though was most fitting!

Have an awesome day ladies and gents!