Before you guys complain, the point of the comic is definitely not belittling Amal Alamuddine. Goodness knows she’s a highly accomplished barrister in her own right. I just find it a shame that a lot of Lebanese people seem to ignore this and instead obsess over “celebrities” and appearances.  Would any of us have even known about her had she not married George Clooney?

We’re only aware of female accomplishment when it has to do with how pretty Lebanese women look. Heck, even our tourism ads boast about how “beautiful” Lebanese women are. No one mentions (or encourages) our alternate accomplishments. Basically, our HIGHEST Lebanese achievement as women is apparently our  ”beauty”.

Women should be able to become more than just beautiful. We should be successful, smart, and talented. Amal Alamuddine has done this, and we should remember to acknowledge that. I really hope that people don’t remember Amal as being “oh that pretty Lebanese womanthat snatched up George Clooney” but as who she really is in her own right.