Today’s comic came to be through a collaboration between myself and the extremely talented and witty Claude el Khal, the writer/humorist/artist behind the insightful blog My Beirut Chronicles!

A big thank you Claude for writing the joke to today’s comic!


And to you dear reader, in case you’re not Lebanese (or a Lebanese living under a rock), today’s comic comes after the government’s INSANE solution to solve the excess amounts of seagulls near the airport (WHICH by the way happened because some genius decided to open a garbage dump at the airport itself). Here’s a link to an article on Separate State of Mind that will give more insight to the issue
I swear to God, this country is so insane that even drawing a comic can’t live up to its insanity. God help us all.
P.S the Lebanese national airline MEA has a cedar tree on its tail :)