I met a girl this weekend who told me the funniest story about her mom and I just HAD to draw this comic.

We as Lebanese girls go have to put up with a lot (especially with our parents) when it comes to “picking our future husband”. This girl for instance told me about how, whenever a guy came over to their house to “meet” her, her mom insisted she go put on rouge! Like that would solve EVERYTHING in the world. Not any other make up either, just ROUGE. ¬†As if the guy would come over to the house and say “Nope, she’s not wearing any ROUGE, I won’t be dating this one.” I dunno, maybe it’s just me but I found that funny.

Anyways, to the ladies out there, if your mom has been annoying you or is panicking, please show her this comic and maybe she’ll laugh instead of going through panic mode!